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I am now avail for remote drum tracks. Send me your songs and I will play drums on them at my studio.

Have a Listen to Adam Michaelson's CD. I Engineered and Produced the record I also played drums on the record.

Check out Ingrid Schnell's debut cd.

I produced the record with Adam Irizarry. I also engineered the record and played Drums, some keyboards, did programming and orchestration as well.

My Remix Of Britney Spears_HIAM

MY Mariah Carey Remix

My Remix Of Simply Being Loved by BT

Rihanna Remix

Below is the Annie Minoogue Band CD. I co-wrote, produced, played drums, keys, and all programming and sound design.


I am now doing productions at the Barber Shop See Pics here. Contact me if you want to work with me there.


Annie Minogue Band web site. Dig it!

Annie Minogue Band

In studio woring on new Annie Minogue cd to be released on Universal.




Annie Minogue Band Cd Tripping The Velvet now available at